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Resources: Reading Listt

Adoptees Come of Age: Living Within Two Families
Ronald J. Nydam
Westminster John Knox Press, 1999

Adoption Healing…a path to recovery
Joe Soll, LCSW
Gateway Press, 2005
ISBN 0-9678390-0-9

Adoption Healing…a path to recovery for mothers who lost children to adoption
Joe Soll, CSW, Karen Wilson Buterbaugh
Gateway Press, 2003
ISBN 0-9678390-1-7

Adoption Nation:How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming America
Adam Pertman
Basic Books, 2000
ISBN 0-465-05651-2

Adoption Reunion Survival Guide:Preparing Yourself for the Search, Reunion, and Beyond
Julie Jarrell Bailey, Lynn N. Giddens, MA
New Harbinger Publications, 2001
ISBN 1-57224-228-0

Adoption Searchbook:Techniques for Tracing People
Mary Jo Rillera
Triadoption Publications, 1993
ISBN 0-910143000-5

Adoption Triangle: Sealed or Open Records…
Arthur D. Sorosky, MD, Annette Baran, MSW, Reuben Pannor, MSW
Corona Publishing, 1989
ISBN 0-931722-59-4

Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self
David M. Brodzinsky, PhD, Marshall D. Schechter, MD, Robin Marantz Henig
Anchor Books, 1992
ISBN 0-385-41426-9

Birthmothers: Women Who Have Relinquished Babies for Adoption Tell Their Stories
Merry Bloch Jones
IUniverse, 2000
ISBN 0-595-00637-X

Birthright: The Guide to Search and Reunion for Adoptees, Birthparents, and Adoptive Parents
Jean A.S. Strauss
Penguin Books, 1994
ISBN 0 14 05.1295 0

Girls Who Went Away:The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Row v. Wade
Ann Fessler
Penguin Press, 2006

How to Find Almost Anyone, Anywhere
Norma Mott Tillman
Rutledge Hill Press, 1998
ISBN 1-55853-657-4

Journey of the Adopted Self: A Quest for Wholeness
Betty Jean Lifton
Basic Books, 1994
ISBN 0-465-00811-9

Lost & Found: The Adoption Experience
Betty Jean Lifton
Harper Perennial, 1988
ISBN 0-06-097132-0

Shadow Mothers: Stories of Adoption and Reunion
Linda Back McKay
North Star Press of St. Cloud, 2002

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew
Sherrie Eldridge
Delta Trade Paperbacks, 2004
ISBN 0-440-50838-X

You Can Find Anybody
Joseph Culligan
Jodere Group, 2000
ISBN 1-58872-000-4


















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